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ARC - a division of Cavendish Industrial Solutions Ltd

It’s clear that we have to keep our workplaces and equipment clean and hygienic.  But, quite often, the things we use to do this result in a dirtier, more polluted water environment.

Over two thirds of the Earth’s surface is water, yet in many areas water supplies are under threat.  Even in the UK, shortages are becoming more common, and this problem can be aggravated by pollution.

Despite the fact that some rivers have improved in quality in recent years, pollution of surface and ground waters remains a problem, and ARC believes that we all share the responsibility for protecting this valuable resource.

One area of concern is the wide scale use of industrial cleaners and sanitisers, many of which contain chemicals that harm the environment and which are flushed in large quantities - often illegally - directly into our streams and rivers.

In choosing the ingredients for the ARC industrial range of products, however, we take particular care to ensure that they do not present a hazard to the user or the environment. All our products are readily biodegradable and are frequently better than the official standards for biodegradability.

ARC industrial products have not been tested on animals (although we acknowledge that many of the ingredients may have been by specific manufacturers in the past, which is true of virtually all consumer products).

ARC industrial cleaners are supplied in concentrated form, which reduces the overall need for packaging and the energy-wasting transport of excessive quantities of water or other inert diluting materials.

Where possible, ARC products are supplied in recyclable containers (although it may not always be possible to recycle them yet).  We are currently investigating ways of collecting and recycling used containers.