Industrial Cleaning Products

CS-015 Super Concentrated One Shot Bio Drain Cleaner

A natural and harmless bacterial soluble sachet to keep drains clean and free running. For use in areas where corrosive caustic or acidic products would pose a hazard to children or the public.

CS-1580 Industrial Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Super concentrated maintenance degreaser for the removal of industrial oil and grease from plant and equipment.

CS-1600 Industrial Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Super concentrated cleaning for the removal of dirt and grime from all hard surfaces in the factory environment.

CS-R2500 Barrier Cream

Aerosol dispensed, high efficiency, general purpose barrier cream for industrial hand protection.

CS-03420 Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner

Beaded detergent hand cleaning gel for industrial hand cleaning.

CS-3339 Ready to Use Antistatic Light Fitting Cleaner

Spray and wipe antistatic cleaner to remove dirt from industrial light fittings and to inhibit rapid resoiling.

CS-602P0 Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Waterless hand cleaning wipes for the removal of all types of industrial soiling including oil, grease and grime, without the need to use a washroom.

CS-7330 Environmental Safe Solvent Drain Cleaner

Safe replacement for ortho-dichlorobenzene drain degreasers and line cleaners.

CS-7980 Industrial Ice Melt

Environmentally responsible ice melting compound offering longer refreeze inhibition and lower corrosion than rock salt.

CS-9670 Super Concentrated One Shot Power Cleaner

Super concentrated dissolvable sachets suitable for mopping or scrubbing floors, walls and all non porous surfaces.

CS-9660 Super Concentrated One Shot Power Degreaser

Super concentrated dissolvable sachets suitable for removal of animal, vegetable and mineral greases from all non porous surfaces.