Miscellaneous Cleaning Products

CS-2000 Brick Cleaner

Acidic cleaner for renovating brick faced buildings

CS-2290 Public Toilet Descaler

Powerful descaler for use in public toilets. Safe to use on all types of urinals and toilets.

CS-5800 Graffiti Remover Gel

Quick acting graffiti removal gel for use on porous surfaces such as brick and concrete. Removes paint, marker pen and spray paint. Gel format allows the product to cling to the surface dissolving the graffiti.

CS-8010 Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil for the loosening and release of rusted and seized nuts, bolts and fittings.

CS-12000 Patio Cleaner

Acidic cleaner for patios and paved areas.

CS-13070 Street Furniture Cleaner

Dilutable cleaner for maintaining street fittings, reflective road signs, public lighting, etc.

CS-13230 Public Toilet Cleaner

Powerful cleaner and deodoriser for use in public toilets

CS-15940 Rubbish Dump Deodoriser

Powerful sanitizer for the reduction of odours at refuse disposal sites.

CS-25940 Refuse Vehicle Deodoriser

Spray on, wash off deodoriser for refuse vehicles.