Office Cleaning Products

CS-602P0 Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Useful waterless hand cleaning wipes for the removal of printer ribbon ink, photocopier and laser printer toner and general office grime without the need to leave the office.

CS-1040 Carpet Vacuum Extraction Cleaning Detergent

Low foam high efficiency detergent for use in pressure injection/vacuum extraction carpet cleaning machines.

CS-1360 Non Ammoniated Floor Polish Stripper

An alkaline stripper which can be safely used in poor ventilation areas where ammonia based products would cause operator discomfort.

CS-3120 Air Freshener

Dilutable air freshening solution suitable for hand-spray use in office environments.

CS-3235 Moppable Floor Cleaner

Dilutable cleaner/sanitizer for all hard wall surfaces.

CS-3700 Glass & Window Cleaner

No-residue spray and wipe cleaner for all glass surfaces.

CS-4060 Acrylic Polymer Floor Seal

Hard-wearing, durable acrylic polymer emulsion seal for use on vinyl, linoleum, asphalt, terrazzo, marble and concrete.

CS-4140 Floor Polish

High performance emulsion floor polish based on high solids metallised acrylic copolymers and high molecular weight polyethylene waxes. Long lasting and suited to spray/buff maintenance.

CS-5540 Wall Cleaner

High performance alkaline cleaner for all hard wall surfaces.

CS-6600 Spray Cleaning Polish for Furniture

High viscosity polish containing silicones to give quick gloss and depth of shine.

CS-6930 Ultra Hygienic Antiviral Sanitising Wipes

Sanitising and cleaning wipes for use on desks, computers, keyboards, phones, copiers, office equipment and any washable surface. Kills or de-activates pathogens to keep surfaces hygienic and clean.

CS-K69340 The Ultra Work Station Cleaning Kit

A handy office cleaning kit, designed to have everything you need to clean your desk, computer, keyboards, phone, hands and much more. Containing: Ultra Hygienic Antiviral Sanitising Wipes (x2), Ultra Static Free Foam Cleaner (x1), Ultra Durable Lint Free Dry Wipes (x1) and Ultra Performance Air Duster (x2)