Transport Cleaning Products

CS-830 Diesel and Oil Spillage Cleaner

Removes diesel, fuel and spillages from industrial floors using a blend of cationic non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants.

CS-602P0 Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Useful waterless cleaning wipes for the removal of oil, grease and grime without the use of water or washroom facilities. Useful for workshop use or for out on the road.

CS-1580 Industrial Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Super concentrated degreaser for the removal of oil, grease and heavy road grime from chassis, engines, transmission housings and garage floors and walls.  Can be applied manually or through hot or cold pressure washer.

CS-1590 Industrial Multi-Purpose Truckwash

Super concentrated vehicle cleaning traffic film remover for pressure washer or manual application. High performance, soil retardant, gloss finish chemical which is effective in both hot and cold water.

CS-1600 Industrial Multi Purpose Cleaner

Super concentrated detergent cleaner for manual cleaning of all vehicle surfaces.

CS-3041R Ready to use Screen Wash

For clean and gleaming windscreens and glass. Removes traffic film and other road grime. Quick rinsing it allows rain to wet better and so help rinse of dirt. Imparts soil repellency and makes subsequent cleaning easier.

CS-3070 Wash & Wax for Vehicles

Effective exterior foaming detergent. This free rinsing formula combines exceptional cleaning powerful with usage versatility. This can be used through pressure washers and foaming equipment and will remove the toughest, ingrained traffic soiling.

CS-03420 Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleanser

Beaded detergent hand cleaning gel for workshop hand cleaning.

CS-4590 No Foam Cleaner

Minimum foam cleaner specially formulated for use in scrubbers and scrubber/dryer equipment.

CS-6640 Trim Polish

Rapid action polish for vehicle trim

CS-7080 Component Cleaner

Ecologically acceptable fast evaporating solvent cleaner for parts cleaning machines and work bench use.

CS-7140 Solvent Emulsion Cleaner

Powerful emulsifying agent which is diluted with paraffin before use. Will remove oil, grease and grime from engines, plant and equipment.

CS-7580 Screen Wash and De-icer Concentrate

A highly concentrated additive for screen washers in all forms of road transport. Prevents screen wash freezing down to -25C. Also this can be used neat for de-icing.

CS-8050 Rinse Wax

A final rinse additive which adds shine and improves water run-off in all transport cleaning applications.

CS-8080 Engine Coolant Antifreeze

A fully inhibited antifreeze additive suitable for all types of engines. Provides protection down to -36C.

CS-8110 Oil & Water Universal Spillage Granules

This product will adsorb both oil and water based liquids including strong alkali and most acids. It does not sludge when wet and is non staining and low dusting.

CS-8610 Superior Degreaser

Ultra powerful degreaser/cleaner. This can be used on the majority of substrates and can also be diluted to suit each cleaning application.

CS-17080 Brake Cleaner

Ecologically acceptable fast evaporating solvent cleaner for brakes and electrical components.